The Game Changers movie

There’s been quite a few docu-movies over the past few years, that have contributed a lot towards getting people to move to a plant-based diet.

Cowspiracy, What the Health… have played a very important role in getting increased awareness of the terrible impact animal agriculture has on animals, the planet and our bodies. But I would say that The Game Changers (now available to stream on Netflix or iTunes) has probably had the biggest impact of all, for two main reasons.

First, there’s nothing quite like big names to draw people’s attention. Cowspiracy and What the Health were both excellent films, but they didn’t get as big of a reach because people hadn’t heard of the filmmakers and contributors. They were probably regarded as niche.

The Game Changers executive producers include star filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, Terminator…), the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, tennis champion Novak Djokovic…


James Cameron


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor and body-builder

Having these names on the poster lands a lot of credibility to the film. Even more when the focus is physical performance, having high-end athletes from many disciplines contribute is just undeniable evidence. 

I know a few meat-eating people who were drawn to this film and not only watched it but spread the word and got even more people interested. Without these names on the poster, that probably wouldn’t have happened.

Second, the film takes a different approach that helps fight many notions that people have about meat and about veganism. 

There are 3 key reasons to adopt a plant-based diet: animal welfare, the environment and health. I would say that even though we need to keep bringing awareness on the treatment of animals, speciesism and climate change, the option that immediately hits home for most people is their health. That’s something that affects them directly, and something where they can clearly see the impact of their diet. 


But there’s a lot of misconceptions around food, and The Game Changers’ focus is to attack these. The whole craziness about the need for “protein” to be fit and strong pushes people to disregard plants as we’ve always been told that protein is found in meat and dairy. People also like to think that eating a vegan diet brings deficiencies and general “weakness” (I have been mocked for being a long-distance vegan runner, with people saying my heart must be in terrible condition and that it was really bad for me – which can’t be further from the truth).

The world strongest man is vegan!

Where the movie succeeds, is by showing that not only can you “survive” on a plant-based diet, but you’ll thrive. Piece by piece, they look at every aspect of meat eating and show that eating plants not only fills all of your nutritional needs, but leaves you in much better health. Not only can you stay alive, but you can improve your life, health and physical performance.

Finally, all long during the film, they talk about a plant-based diet, not a vegan diet. I’m proud to say I’m vegan, but I know sometimes that word has a bad rep amongst carnivores (yes, a way-too-large number of people don’t really care about animals…). Using plant-based throughout the film helps people to keep an open mind, not immediately disregard it.


The Game Changers is a must-watch. For people already following a plant-based diet, it is full of data points and info that we can use to promote veganism and attack misconceptions. Obviously this movie’s greatest impact will be on carnivores. I know some people who decided to start adopting a plant-based diet after having watched the film. It will show them that they can get a lot healthier, feel better, improve their physical performance and they will know that meat is not only unnecessary but actually dangerous.

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