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Since they opened in Camden, London in early 2018 (they’re originally from Brighton where they first opened in 2015), Purezza has become an obsession for us. We were really excited to try it at first, because we both love pizza, and in particular Napolitan style pizza (which has a soft sourdough crust). And they didn’t disappoint! 

Purezza was founded by an Italian couple. They developed their own (very secret) recipe for vegan mozzarella, that they make from Italian brown rice. And believe me, you haven’t tried anything like it before! It sits in its own league in the vegan cheese world! They also make their own dough, using a family recipe that is left to mature for 48 hours (that’s how they make the dough so light and fluffy). 


I don’t think we’ve ever not had a starter at Purezza! That’s because the dough balls are amongst our favorites! Pizza dough made into a ball and stuffed with melted “cheddar” cheese! Yes, mozzarella is not the only vegan cheese that Purezza make. That “cheddar” (also found in the calzone) is homemade using coconut oil. Or you can try the Raw Cheese platter, with different cashew-based raw cheeses, matured over 10 days for amazing flavor.

We usually can’t pass on a garlic bread, and this one is definitely worth it. It can be ordered with or without mozzarella (go with, why not?) and features the same dough as the pizzas. The courgetti, made with raw courgettes and their signature pesto is also a highlight, and is really nice as a side. 


Of course, it’s all about the pizzas! Each pizza can be ordered with the classic sourdough base, or with a hemp flour base or a gluten free base. We usually go with the sourdough, although on occasion, we’re tried the hemp base. The gluten free base is also exceptional, so gluten-free peeps won’t be left behind! The dough is soft, fluffy and delicious! Dips can be ordered if you like to dip your crust (with a choice of pesto, garlic mayo, banana ketchup or sriracha).

The menu features some classic pizzas, like the Marinara or Margherita, perfect if you’re not super hungry or if you’re a pizza purist and want to taste all 3 primary ingredients (the dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella). There’s also a vegan twist on a classic 4 Seasons, called Seasons.4.Pizza.1 with a delicious beetroot carpaccio. 

The rest is all Purezza creations, including our favorite, the Pesto Manifesto (caramelised onions, roasted courgettes and amazing homemade pesto) and the winner of Best Pizza of the Year, the Parmigiana Party (with aubergine parmigiana and crumbled sausage).

These tomato-base pizzas are only part of the story though. What makes Purezza so special, is their takes on special bases (vegans aren’t that used to creamy bases on pizzas). These bases are creamy and so tasty! From the white base, to the black truffle base (on the unmissable Here Comes Truffle) to the special bases that often come with the pizzas of the month (butternut, artichoke, purple cabbage…), they’re all worth trying. We always try the Pizzas of the month, which are original and seasonal.

You can’t go wrong with any of these pizzas, they’re all delicious! You can also customize your pizza by adding a slew of toppings

Along with pizzas, the mains menu also features a few dishes, like a Cheesesteak Calzone and a lasagna.       


After looking at all of these pizzas and starters, you might wonder how can you have space for dessert! Well that’s my problem every time I go to Purezza. There’s so much on that menu that I’m often full before we get to dessert. 

But on the days I manage to keep a little bit of space, I can’t go without the Oreo Pizza. It’s a smaller size pizza dough, with homemade vegan “Nutella” and Oreos (or Oreo crumbs). And it is good! Really, really good! So good that we haven’t had many of the other desserts on the menu. 

Cashew dream is their take on a vegan tiramisu, and it’s delicious. A lemon cheesecake and a salted caramel brownie round up the dessert menu, along with gelato (which can also be added to any of the desserts, if you though that your Oreo pizza wasn’t decadent enough).

Wrap Up

Purezza has rapidly become our favourite London vegan restaurant. They not only make the best vegan pizza, but the best pizza, PERIOD. The food never disappoints, the staff is extremely friendly and the service is great. 

If you live in London and haven’t tried Purezza yet, go now! If you’re visiting London, this must be on top of your list of places to eat.

Can’t wait to get back there!


London, UK


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