Blossom (New York, USA)

Blossom is New York vegan classic! This all vegan, organic fine dining restaurant in Chelsea has been around since 2005, and now also operate at a second location on the Upper West Side. They source their produce from local organic farms and small distribution companies.

Founded by vegan couple Ronen and Pamela, Blossom aims to serve creative, outstanding food that everyone (even non-vegans) will enjoy. We can attest to that, as we brought a couple of non-vegan friends to Blossom, and they loved it! Ronen and Pamela, vegans for the animals were looking at a nice place to eat in their neighborhood. When they couldn’t find one, they created Blossom!

Blossom serves lunch, dinner and even brunch at both of their locations, on Ninth, the original location in Chelsea and on Columbus on the Upper West Side. The latter has a wider menu, which also includes pizzas and a full bar also serving cocktails!


Each of their starters features a key ingredient (fruit, veggie, bean…): Parsnip Ravioli, Black-Eyed pea cake, mushroom scallops…. The crispy artichoke was a highlight for us. It’s not very common to have fried artichoke, so the taste was original and surprising. The lemon-caper aioli perfectly complemented the flavor. 

The ravioli, stuffed with tempeh, spinach and mushrooms was served with a delicious creamy cashew sauce. 

A soup du jour complements the starters menu.   


The mains are classic dishes, made vegan. 

The lasagna was amongst the best we’ve had. Topped with homemade tapioca cheese, it’s stuffed with ground seitan and tofu. The marinara sauce was really tasty! Tempeh barbecue, rigatoni and risotto are also part of the classics, as well as the Blossom Burger.

The seitan picatta was incredibly flavorful. Picatta usually refers to meat, prepared sliced, battered and sautéed in butter. This vegan version was amazing! Served with truffle mash potatoes and sautéed kale, it definitely surprised us!

Mains also include 3 salads (including the classic Caesar) and the lunch menu features sandwiches like a BLT or a Portobello panini. 


The dessert menu is quite impressive. Whilst the Cheesecake, Apple Cobbler or Berries & Cream all sound delicious, the true star is the tiramisu! This is by far the best vegan tiramisu we’ve ever had! The mascarpone is made from coconut cream, and it’s topped with strawberries.

Wrap Up

If you’re out in NYC, looking for a fine dining place, Blossom should definitely be at the top of your list! We visit every time we’re in New York and it never disappoints. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is really nice, and the service is great! On top of that, it is organic, which is always nice, as we should care about eating chemicals and destroying our soil.

We’ll probably try the Upper West Side location next time, as the menu is a bit bigger and features some unique dishes. 


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